Keywording – A Lesson Learned

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P10 * ISO 160 * 1/40 second * f/2.8

I spent some time this week organizing and backing up my photos to DVD’s for offsite storage. I also spent some time looking at photos from my photo bank.

Two years ago I spent some time in Europe on business and was able to take some time off for personal things. While looking through my trip photos I came across today’s shot of a spiral staircase taken in The Pantheon building in Paris France. I had forgotten about this picture and it brought back some memories of my trip. When I saw this photo I struggled with remembering where it was taken. I immediately went to view the keywords only to find there weren’t any. I didn’t get serious about keywording my photos until about a year ago so this year I will be going through my old photos and adding keywords. It’s a way for me to keep a mini journal of the event and to also make it easy to locate photos.

My wife has been struggling with keywording her photos and really didn’t catch the vision until over the holidays when she wanted to find some photos of our children that I had taken last year. I took the time to add keywords when they were processed and because of that it took her seconds to find what she wanted. She now understands the importance of keywording and has implemented that into her workflow when she processes her photos.

If you haven’t started keywording you photos, now is a good time to start.

One thought on “Keywording – A Lesson Learned

  1. Hi there Scott,
    I just thought I might drop you a note on the question of keywording. We’ve been working for the past four years on a tool for keywording images. It’s built around a thesaurus of 40,000 terms that enables yo to add plurals and synonyms with a single click. It’s also design to allow you to create templates and work on batches of images. It’s a brand new tool so we’re keen for people to try it out and give us feed back. If you think this might be of interest you can download a trial version (with full functionality) from I have also contributed articles about keywording and our software to a number of blogs…in case you’re interested.
    Kind Regards,

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