My First Camera – Nikon L35AF

Canon XTi * Canon EF-24-105mm f/4.0L lens * ISO 200 * 1/25 second * f/8

I was asked last week to teach a merit badge class on photography. My first initial thought was why me but I gladly accepted the opportunity. I’ve learned over the years that I benefit more for preparing to teach or speak to others about a subject or technology. After looking at the merit badge requirements about film cameras and what I needed to discuss it donned on me that I had an old Nikon 35mm camera in my closet.

My parents bought me this Nikon L35AF as a High School graduation present about 20 years ago. After doing some research it turns out this was Nikon’s first auto focus compact camera. It was introduced in 1983 and has a simple Nikon 35mm f2.8 lens with a manual dial to set the ISO/ASA to match the film.

As a teenager I didn’t have an interest in photography like I do today. This has been a good little camera and has gone from my closet to a shelf in my den.

p.s. If anyone has any great ideas how to make the merit badge class fun for a large group of kids I’m open to suggestions.

3 thoughts on “My First Camera – Nikon L35AF

  1. Scott,

    I am an old Eagle Scout, and as I remember from merritt badge classes I expected to be entertained.

    I would suggest a slide show of some of your work. This won’t fulfill a requirement, but it will spark an interest. Maybe talk about Ansel Adams and about his technique.

    I would also do a few sample images of pin-hole camera work. Then I would have them go out into either SLC or Park City and see what they come up with. Show them how to develop the images and scan them and present them on a slide show at the next meeting.

    I know this is old school, but pin-hole camera work is very old school and back to the basics in the earliest form of photography.

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