Veterans Day – 2015


I drove under an overpass today that had a man standing on it in full military uniform waving an american flag proudly as cars drove under.  I wish I could have captured that moment to share here but I love this image as well that was made at the Arlington Cemetery a few years ago.   The cemetery is a must see if your in the Washington DC area.  The changing of the guards is amazing to watch and to see their dedication is unreal.

We are celebrating Veterans day in the US today.  I’m proud of our service men and women who protect our country so we can enjoy our freedom.  My grandpa was in World War I.  I’ve been reading through his letters that he wrote to his parents recently and have really gotten to know him and his love for what he sacrificed.  Take a moment to pause today and think about those who sacrifice for us and be sure to thank our service men and women when you get the chance.

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