The water falling outside the window caught my attention, I just had to wait for someone to stand in front of the glass. I like this because the water blocks out the distractions from outside which then isolates the silhouette making him the main focus.

Signs of Fall


I’ve been resisting that fall is near. When I see these at the grocery store that means that halloween and fall are right around the corner.  The seasons seems to come and go a lot quicker than they used to.

Golden Spike National Historic Site


During the holidays I was able to take some time to go visit the Golden Spike National Historic Site.  It’s about an hour drive from my house and is located in the middle of nowhere Utah.  It was a cold, cloudy & snowy day but well worth the time to make the trip out there.  I won’t get into detail what the place is but it’s where the Central Pacific Railroad met up with the Union Pacific Railroad  in 1869 to complete the first trans continental railroad across the United States.  The conductor would drive the train down the tracks then back again to give the spectators a show.  I was able to capture some audio of the train as it went down the line and then returned.














Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals


Today’s configuration: Sony RX100 II & Apple iPhone6

It was time for the annual trip to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The weather was perfect in Pittsburgh and we had great seats.  It was all setup to be a great game, the crowd was fired up and ready to go.  The game was good and the crowd was really into it.  At the last two minutes of the game Roethlisberger threw an interception and the Bengals won.   Needless to say there were a lot of upset people but for me it was fun spending time with family and enjoying a nice fall day.  I had a layover in Detroit and had to photograph the light tunnel again.

Enjoy, thanks for stopping by.


Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-7



Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-3

Pittsburgh 2015_20151101

Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-2

Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-6

Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-5

Pittsburgh 2015_20151101-4

Pittsburgh 2015_20151030-2

Pittsburgh 2015_20151030