Royal Pharmacy


Royal Pharmacy_20140417

Today’s configuration: Canon 5DMIII with a 24-105mm f/4 L

It’s fun to revisit photos from the past.  I have a lot of pictures I took while in New Orleans last year.  I’m in the process of picking new favorites and will be sharing them here in the next little while.  I’ve been out of the habit of posting on a regular basis and will hopefully be doing more as things are winding down now that summer has passed.

Cafe Du Monde – French Quarter – New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde If you find yourself in New Orleans French Quarter you need to run not walk to the Cafe Du Monde and partake of their world famous beignets.  My wife and I spent five days in New Orleans earlier this summer and never missed a day for our beignet run.  The best part is they are open 24 hours.  There are so many photos of this place on the internet I wanted to capture something different.  We were walking back to our hotel and it started to rain.  I knew a black and white photo would be perfect with the wet concrete.  I’m pleased with how it turned out. Cafe DuMonde 2

Solitary Confinement


Finally getting around to editing my photos from a weekend getaway to San Francisco this summer.  One of the highlights of the trip was the evening tour of Alcatraz.  To me this image represents the feeling of loneliness of the solitary confinement cell.  More to come …..

Golden Gate

My wife and I joined some friends for a quick getaway to San Francisco this summer.  I commuted back and forth from Utah to San Francisco each week for about 1.5 years and got to know the city pretty good.  We went on a city tour and hit all the “touristy” places.  The Golden Gate was one of them.  It seems like everyone has been at this exact spot.  It was my first time and even though there are thousands of pictures taken here each week it has special meaning to me that I won’t forget.  I have plenty of other pictures that I hope to share soon when I get through processing them all.

Take My Picture

On a recent business trip to New Orleans, Louisiana I was able to spend a couple extra days to explore the city.  While walking down the French Quarter this guy sees my big Canon 5D Mark III and yells “Hey Take My Picture” then proceeds to lean up against his car and pose.  With my zoom lens I was able reach across the street and make this image.  I gave him a thumbs up and we both went about our business.  I’ve made some drastic changes with my photo gear recently that I will be sharing soon.  I’m hoping to avoid these types of situation in the future and go unnoticed.