From the Window – Wyoming

I’ve started a new project called “From the Window”.  Living in the American west we spend a lot of time in our vehicles rather than walking or biking like most large cities or in European countries.  With my kids getting older I’m now able to let them drive so I can enjoy the scenery and document what I see.

This image was taken a few days ago while driving through Wyoming for our spring break.

Black and White Tuesday

I’m a big advocate of personal photography projects. They force you to engage, create and improve as a photographer. I have a few small projects that are on-going but wanted to try something that I could share on my blog on a weekly basis. I’ve noticed that my friend Ann Torrence is doing Black and White Tuesday on her blog. I’ve been getting into shooting more and more personal work in Black and White and thought this would be a good project for me to start as well. Be sure to check back on Tuesday’s for fresh Black and White photo.